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Andlor Reporting Tool (ART)

The Andlor ART system provides analysis of Client patterns over selected periods, highlighting for example Revenue/Square Foot, Turns and Labor Revenue/hour, Revenue Trends, On Time Shipments and fill rates. ART allows the application of User Selected Revenue Codes to Revenue billed and the Revenue/hour models.  ART provides specific reports as requested by Clients on an ongoing basis.  

Reports can show graphic visualization and data over the period(s) selected and can be filtered by Warehouse location.   Reports can be downloaded to PDF, HTML, XML, XLS , RTF, OCDT and Excel Formats.   Reports can also be saved to the Cloud.

Andlor presented the BacTracs Reverse Logistics System at the Las Vegas Reverse Logistics  Conference. Paul Rupnow of Andlor was a panelist at the Conference.  Paul provides excellent reverse logistics information about product returns processing at


The Andlor YMS module including the following: Gate-In and Gate-Out management

  • Real time visibility and monitoring of Yard activity and equipment location status
  • Equipment, monitoring and management
  • Dispatch of loads or drivers to equipment in the yard
  • Reefer tracking, monitoring of temperature settings and fuel management
  • Powerful on screen data to manage trailer status, activity and documents with alerts and email
  • Vendor Managed Inventory module allowing Distributors and Vendors / Brokers to determine inventory and order/shipment status for only their specific items
  • EDI Track module showing the actual data transmitted in the EDI Transaction sets (940, 945, 856, etc) with a hyper-link to the corresponding warehouse documents (Warehouse Receipts and Orders).

Andlor released a Document Printing, Scanning and Archival System which is fully integrated with the WMS suite of software.  This module automatically uploads scanned documents (BOLs, Warehouse Receipts, Invoices, Pro Bills, etc.) to the E-Track system for WEB visibility and retrieval.  The documents can also be archived to the server.

Andlor presented a technology and software update at the annual Users Conference including:

  • Updates - E-Track WEB Based Front End Server
  • Andlor Reporting Tool (ART) SQL data analysis and Reporting Engine
  • Signature Capture for BOLs
  • Updates - Appointment Book and Invoicing Modules for E-Track
  • Labor Productivity Tracking, KPI Data Collection
  • Presentation of 3PL market and industry trends
  • Updates - Invoicing with E-Track
  • Proof Of Delivery Scanning system
  • Update - Appointment Booking System 
  • Claims Processing System
  • Mobile Computing presentation
  • Server Hardware and System Security Update
  • Software enhancements as requested by the User Group
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