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Software Support Provider:

  • Andlor WMS for 3PL operations
  • Andlor EDI System
  • Andlor E-Track (WEB Interface to Andlor WMS)
  • Electronic Signature Capture for BOL
  • Archiving and Scanning of all Warehouse Documents
  • Andlor Reporting Tool (ART) for WMS
  • Andlor BacTracs for Reverse Logistics Processing
  • Andlor YMS - Yard Management System
  • Andlor Financial Systems

Hardware Integrator:

  • AIX Server Systems
  • Workstations, Printers and Peripherals
  • Radio Frequency Terminals and Wireless Systems
  • Voice Activated Terminals
  • RFID Tag Encoding
  • Bar Code Label Printers
  • Hand Held Data Collection Systems
  • Signature Capture Devices

Third Party Software Products Provider:

  • BBx Pro-5 and BBJ
  • Lone-Tar - Server Back Up System
  • Double Vision - Remote Software Support
  • Cleo AS2 for EDI via the Internet
  • UnForm - Output to Laser / Archiving / Scanning

Web Sites for the Logistics Industries

  • Web Site Design and Implementation
  • Web Site Hosting
  • On-Going Maintenance of Web Sites

Professional Services:

  • Installation,Training and Support for the Andlor WMS, E-Track, BacTracs and YMS Systems
  • Hardware, Internet and Networking consulting
  • Implementation of 3rd Party Software such as UnForm forms design and AS/2,
  • Marketing Support for users
  • Consulting for EDI, Bar Code Labeling, RF, Signature Capture and RFID Systems
  • Consulting for Reverse Logistics "Returns" processing
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